This forum is for requesting unbanning.
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If you have been banned from one of our servers and feel it was unjust, please create a new post in the forum :text-link:

In your post, select and copy the code below and provide the following details:

Code: Select all

* [b]Game[/b] - 
* [b]Which server you were banned from[/b] - 
* [b]The date you were banned[/b] - 
* [b]The time you were banned[/b] - 
* [b]Your ingame name (non-STEAM games)[/b] - 
* [b]STEAM64 ID[/b] - 
* [b]GUID (if non-STEAM games)[/b] - 
* [b]The reason you were banned[/b] - 
One option to get your STEAM64 ID for Squad or other STEAM games follow the steps in the video link below:

To get your GUID for CoD games follow the steps below:
  1. In console, type "/pb_myguid"
  2. In console, you'll see your full PBGUID.
To get your GUID for BF games follow the steps below:
  1. Fully open console to see returned info: " Shift + ~ " keys.
  2. Type in /pb_myguid
  3. You'll see your full PBGUID.
  1. Enter a BF2 Server that is using Punk Buster.
  2. Hit the (`~) key to bring up the console.
  3. Type in /pb_plist
  4. You'll see your full PBGUID.
Points to remember when posting to get your ban lifted:

* Trying to be smart
* Accusing the admin of hacking
* Accusing the admin of not knowing his job

Will normally result in your ban staying.

We have many admins it may take a day or two for that admin to get back to you but we try to address the issue ASAP.

They will then decide if you should be unbanned or not. Their decision is final.

[RIP] members (except CF's/CL's/FM/Brig/Gen), DO NOT REPLY unless you were the admin that banned or know about the case.

[RIP] also use STEAM bans and PunksBusted.

Please check that you were not removed by one of these, if this is so you'll need to plead your case with them.