ArmA 3

More than just a game, it's a massive military sandbox environment. Make what you want to play.

ArmA 3 Overview


ArmA 3 is a game that you can make of it how you wish, with the true experience coming from the massive multiplayer scene.

Not only is there the standard vanilla gameplay which has plenty to offer but also an absolutely massive modding scene which allows players to design missions how, when and where they want. With plenty of additional islands, vehicles, units and equipment from anywhere you can think of from WW1 to Science Fiction.

ArmA within [RIP]

The foundations of ArmA within [RIP] was established back in 2007, when Rusty In Places started playing the original Bohemia Interactive Armed Assault with the driving force those that played OfP. The core mentality of how ArmA was played back then, still exists today: Teamwork, Tactical, Communications & Fun. Working as a team, to tactically complete the objective, using solid communications, whilst still leaving plenty of room for having fun and banter. 

Throughout the ArmA series, Rusty In Places has developed its own built in house, custom scenarios. From COOP missions to TvT scenarios, from vanilla to highly modded missions, everything has been created from the ground up with the [RIP] mentality in mind.

Rusty In Places has always been proud to be a part of the ArmA community, providing a good place to play everything that ArmA3 has to offer.

Play with [RIP]

Although [RIP] have always enjoyed ArmA, it is definitely a love/hate relationship and therefore we don't have dedicated times that we play. However whenever you see us online in the server, feel free to hop in and enjoy a game or two.

We do host our own servers on our dedicated servers and adjust the modlist to suit whatever we feel like playing at that time.

Please follow this link to our public forums, to get the latest information regarding: Current game versions, mod lists (if required) and current required CDLC

 As [RIP] is a mature gaming community, all that we ask is for players to respect the server rules and play as a team!


As all members of [RIP] are adults, we are old and rusty so things may take longer than you might like. We might fail to see things as our eyesight is failing and if we fall it may take a little bit of time to get back up but we always aim to have fun!

Liability clause

By joining us on our servers, we cannot be held responsible for any:

  • Friendly fire incidents
  • Falling asleep whilst driving/flying
  • Injuries caused by laughing
  • Lack of ability to shoot when inebriated


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