Other Games

Within [RIP] we play many online games from all genre's, below is just a small selection of the most popular games that we play..


This 'Free-2-Play' arcade game has been described as "Mad Max on steroids"..

Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is part of our "[RIP] Racing Club" and we run regular league seasons featuring all the cars from this game.

Rocket League

Football in cars... tons of fun and crazy at times...

 Escape From Tarkov

Dark twisted and sometimes scary survival game..

 PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds

Quick round survival at it's best..

 Prominence Poker

5 card Texas Holdem with a fun edge... Great with a few drinks...

 Fortnite Battle Royale

Total fun quick round FPS....

Golf With Your Friends

Crazy golf gone crazy... A barrel of laughs..

 Hunter Call of the Wild

Skill and patience is the name of the game..