The following rules apply on our servers, it is your responsibility to ensure you know the rules, ignorance is not an excuse. Breaking any of our rules can result in a warning, a kick or a ban.
  • Play fair
  • Have fun
  • English only in server chat
  • English only in voice comms
  • Share vehicles (first come first served, wait your turn)
  • No religion (this covers everything including discussions/statements/names)
  • No politics (this covers everything including discussions/statements/names)

When in our TeamSpeak, the following rules apply:

  • Mature language warning!
    • If you don't like it disconnect
  • DO NOT
    • Discuss politics or religion
    • Spam, troll, harass, or bait other users
  • English language only
  • Public players MUST
    • Be respectful of [RIP] members
    • Listen to any [RIP] members
    • Only use our TS server when playing on our game servers
  • Any breach of the rules will result in a kick or ban
  • Bad language
  • Disrespect
  • Glitching
  • Spamming
  • Stat padding
  • Name violation (Abusive or offensive names)
  • Team killing
  • The term NOOB in any form (Includes noobtube)
  • Provocation
  • Idle players
  • Players not in squads
  • Players that have had multiple warnings
  • Ignoring warnings and kicks (continuing after 3 warnings and/or 2 kicks)
  • Impersonating a [RIP] member
  • Repeated bad language
  • Language or gamename deemed socially unacceptable
  • Racism
  • Recruiting
  • Hacking
  • URL name or posting
  • Teamkilling for vehicles
  • A VAC or Game ban in last year results in a 30 day ban
  • Any ban can be appealed in our forums, depending upon the reason of the ban it may be lifted.

To promote fair play and teamwork in addition to [RIP]’s general server rules, in our Squad servers the following additional rules apply:



  • No locked squads:
    • Squad leaders however are free to kick anyone
  • Keep the teams balanced, to promote balanced gameplay
    • Individuals or groups may be switched to improve the quality of gameplay
  • Do not share any information with the enemy
  • Follow Squad leader and Commander orders
  • Keep the server balanced, both in player numbers and to prevent continual winning of one team

Squad leaders and Commanders

  • Do not use abusive or offensive squad names
  • Must have and use a microphone
  • Must have a Squad leader kit
  • Do not create squads with no intention of leading them
  • Do not pass the squad leader role without permission, disband it if no one takes it
  • If you find yourself having to quit for any reason, please inform your squad


  • Do not heal or revive players through walls
  • Do not place radios in glitches
  • Do not shovel objects through walls
  • Do not engage enemies from a glitch or whilst stuck in a glitch, you must respawn
  • Do not move vehicles during staging


  • Do not waste your teams assets
  • Vehicles requiring a crewman kit for the gunner role must be operated by 2 players
  • If a gunner/driver is killed the vehicle must return to Main base or FOB if no immediate spawn locations
  • Persistent heli ramming is considered wasting assets

Main base camping

  • Patrolling or ambushing the main supply routes is allowed
  • Do not prevent exiting from main base protection zones
  • Do not place explosives on main base protection zones

Seeding rules

  • Fight over middle Cap Zone OR agree on a Cap zone to fight over
  • Non-offensive emplacements (Radio, HAB, FOB, Sandbags, Hesco's, etc.) can be placed on your side of the map
  • No emplacements are allowed in the Cap Zones
  • No emplacements should be used to block access to any Cap Zone
  • No offensive emplacements are allowed (HMG, Mortar, TOW, SPG, etc.)
  • Do not hunt, camp or destroy enemy FOB (Radio/HAB)
  • No vehicles other than logistics for FOB creation and supply
  • Server is LIVE when there is 18 v 18 active and assigned players
  • To prevent any strategical benefits from emplacements, once server is LIVE, the next map can be loaded at the discretion of any admin

‘RIP vs the World’ rules

  • Every Friday around 18:00 UTC [RIP] stack up for our weekly Friday event
  • On announcement that the event has started you may be switched teams
  • If the [RIP] team is winning rounds easily we must try to make it Fairer, Fun and more interesting, we may do this, using rules such as:
    • In AAS and RAAS:
      • Allow the world team to cap 50% of the caps before [RIP] attack
    • Not assault the enemy main supply routes or main bases
    • Not pushing beyond the frontline in the early game stages
    • Not pushing next capture points to fast to allow for enemy counter attacks

[RIP] Clan member and recruits additional server rules

  • All of [RIP] are responsible for maintaining the [RIP] server balance (except Fridays)
  • The balance must be checked every map change, regardless of join time.
  • The balance must be within +/- 3
  • The balance must be addressed within the first 10 minutes of round start
  • If the balance changes to 3+ mid-game it must be corrected the next round
  • Always join the side with the fewest [RIP] members upon joining mid-round
  • Admins may switch you if you have not followed the above rules
  • Max 6 [RIP] Members/Recruits per squad including SL
  • Repeated breaching of these rules will result in action being taken


If you wish to make a complaint against another player for breaking the rules/abuse or report one of our admins for abusing their admin rights on our server(s) please post in the relevant game forum section with as much details as possible.


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