Complaint Regarding RIP Member

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Complaint Regarding RIP Member

Post by Aeden »

Hello all.

Ive played here since i bought this game and infact had a brief spell here as a member a few years ago. I enjoy the server and the members and have never had any reason to complain. However last week my headset unfortunately broke and to be totally honest I dont have the money to replace said headphones due to current work circumstances in the UK.

So when i was typing in game to alert the squad to enemies i did not expect to be met with a member (who shall remain un-named until im contacted) telling me "All you need to do is go and beg your mummy for $5 and get a mic" and when I reply that im sorry but i cant im met with yet more "everyone has $5"... To which i shared a little insight and said unfortunately i dont have the money spare for the first time in my life , only to be called a liar and then ganged on by other RIP members.

My intentions were to simply make the SL aware that I am not fortunate enough to just buy a mic but the absolute childish remarks have made me incredibly angry and quite frankly touched a nerve. Im a 45 year old man who is trying to enjoy a game where i have been playing here for a couple of years and its hard for me to be ok with this.

So i tried working it out on TS where i was kindly guided here , but not before said involved members jumped in to the channel (probably poked and made aware of my presence) and had a few more unkind words to say to me , again being accused of being a kid whos up past his bedtime and cant talk.... insulting me further , also being called a snowflake at this point by someone totally unrelated to the situation but just in the channel.

Yes , you can not help me personally in real life but at the very least i would like to have the chance to talk to these members about why they said what they did and also to have an apology as its left a bad taste in my mouth.

I have TS on my phone and can use this to come and talk.

Many Thanks lads.
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Re: Complaint Regarding RIP Member

Post by Cyborg »

thank you for coming to the forums ..

the matter is being looked in to ..

if you can, could you please pm me more details and those RIP members involved ..

thank you and i'm sorry for the way you was treated on our server ..

Re: Complaint Regarding RIP Member

Post by Unspire »

I know this is unrelated and probably not the place, but you can also do the following:

install Droidcam on your phone and pc, then you can use your cellphone as a microphone for games until you can get a headset, i have been using this method for months without problems for all my games.

Droidcam available on Playstore
Pc download:

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Re: Complaint Regarding RIP Member

Post by Planetgong »

For the time while we're investigating in this serious issue, the thread will be locked .
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Re: Complaint Regarding RIP Member

Post by Piano_Fights »

Hereby the request to all members involved in this complaint to step forward and send me a PM and discus the matter.

Long term actions will be taken if I have to find out who is involved any other way.
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