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This forum provides information for public players about our community, the rules, applying for membership.
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Apply For Membership

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So you are thinking of joining our little community, well here is what you need to do...

First, you need to register with these forums. We suggest using your usual Gamer-Tag. This takes a few minutes and requires you to use a "real" email address, as a verification link will be sent to your email address with a link to be clicked to activate your account. If you have problems activating your account, don't panic too much as we can sort this out when you speak to us later on your application.

Register with forums here: CLICK HERE

Next you will need to apply for membership to our clan (yes, sorry another application form). This takes a few moments to complete a basic form which will place your application in our roster. Please ensure you use the same username as the forums (Player Name), as this makes your application much easier to process.

Apply for membership here: CLICK HERE

NB: An email will be sent to you welcoming and thanking you for your application. This email often gets put into your SPAM box, so check that too. Although it only repeats what is written here...

Finally, you will need TeamSpeak 3 (if you don't already have it), you can download and install TeamSpeak 3 here. Then join our TS3 server via the link at the top of every page or by entering the following:

Server = ts3server://
Username = your username/gamertag
Password = leave blank

Please be aware that our TS3 server requires "Push 2 Talk", this can be set in the options.

Once on our TS3 server, you will need to seek out a Recruitment Officer, these are spotted via a "RO" after their name.
A RO will come to you if you join the correct Teamspeak channel named:

"New Applications Wait Here For a RO".

If none are available, then ask any member of our Command Staff (spotted with "CS" after their name) if they can arrange an appointment with a RO that suits you (time/date). This message will be passed on to a RO and they will be there when it suits you.

Once you have grabbed a RO, they will process your application and get you going. This takes about 15 minutes and is a fairly painless (honest :D )

Membership to [RIP] Rusty In Places is FREE and we will not ask you to pay subscriptions. However, donations are always welcome to help cover the costs of our servers and website.

Minimal Age Requirements:
As of 27th July 2017, [RIP] Rusty In Places is no longer accepting membership applications from persons under the age of 21. The main reason for this change is related to the changes in the EU to the data protection act known as the GDPR which becomes law early 2018. Current members who are under the age of 21 will not be asked to leave and may continue to be a full member. However, all new applications must confirm they are of the age of 21 or over and checks will be made to ensure this confirmation is correct and lawful.

[RIP] Rusty In Place apologises to any potential member who falls into this rule change and asks for them to feel free to continue playing on our servers and joining our TeamSpeak server where they will still be made welcome.

We have done our best to ensure that all references to the minimal age has been adapted to this new rule change. However, there may be some instances we have missed and again, we apologise for any confusion these may cause.
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