20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

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20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by Kain_Lowsta »


Mission Name: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035
Current Version: v0.991
Author: Kain_Lowsta

Island: Altis
Mission Description: Defend FOB storm against insurmountable odds.

Scripts Used

20 [Tour] Desert Storm (A2): by _neo_ (Ported by Kain_Lowsta)
Name Recognition: by Deadfast, Mr.Ben, OLO and Kain_Lowsta
Tour Respawn Control: by Mr.Ben (Patched by: Kain_Lowsta)
Tour Functions: by Tour members
Tour Radio: by Outlander
A2S Multitask: by Deadfast and Mr.Ben
AIS Wounding System: by Psychobastard


- Added: FOB Storm recreated from scratch, as close to 1-1 as possible
- Added: vehicle wrecks surrounding base
- Added: Terrain objects outside base (pipeline)

- Added: Ported dust particle effect
- Changed: weather to match view distance limitations from original

- Added: Ported & adapted enemy spawn script
- Changed: AI skills Difficulty increased (using setSkill values from A2 made it too easy!)

- Added: Primary task (defend base)
- Added: Briefing notes
- Added: Mines are available from the cache
- Added: Playable slots to match original
- Changed: Platoon Commander's 2IC is now a medic not rifleman

- Added: Ported & adapted briefing intro with original voice acting
- Added: Further developed FOB to add more detail
- Changed: Rotated FOB to match orientation of original (entrance at west of base)

- Added: Respawn control implemented
- Added: AIS Revive implemented
- Changed: AIS Settings - anyone can stabilize. full revive only inside medic building inside FOB Storm

- Added: TOUR name recog updated to V4, and implemented
- Added: Initial implementation of satellite radio dialog interface
- Added: Ported Close Air Support FSM

- Added: new enemy type - saboteur teams who can breach the perimeter fence using explosives
- Changed: Loading screen image customized for salt lake city

- Changed: briefing notes show references to old A2 factions/places

- Fixed: description text is not displayed in lobby
- Fixed: base officer is not named correctly
- Fixed: Mission name is not displayed in mission select screen

- Fixed: gear boxes around base still have default gear in
- Fixed: respawn control does not force correct uniform on respawn (Patched Tour Respawn Control V7)
- Fixed: respawn control:Scripts were calling for TOUR_core instead of using the Logic passed in params

- Fixed: Respawn control spectator cam bug where players are stuck spectating their dead body
- Fixed: trucks with reinforcement troops have too many in squad
- Fixed: enemy APC has too much fire power
- Added: players receive balaclavas/masks

- Added: Evac option in satellite radio dialog to abort mission
- Fixed: DLC helmets are given to players even if they do not own DLC
- Fixed: saboteur enemies are too rare
- Fixed: pallets + ammo cans near mortar are floating
- Fixed: tin fences are floating
- Fixed: sandbag was misplaced at top of radio tower
- Fixed: jerry can at transmitter building is clipping ground
- Fixed: mortar is bugged: player gets stuck inside
- Fixed: thick fog takes too long to develop
- Fixed: Too much overcast by end of mission
- Fixed: _neo_ garbage script not removing AI bodies after death in MP
- Fixed: enemies are not difficult enough

* aimingAccuracy increased by: 0.05
* aimingShake increased by: 0.15
* aimingSpeed increased by: 0.1

- Added: 'Rescue the pilot' secondary task implemented
- Added: rip mission compatibility
- Added: Ammo cache
- Fixed: bunny rabbits should not be on a salt lake
- Fixed: no side chat radio messages are played when CAS/EVAC is called
- Fixed: sound assets are too quiet
- Fixed: when radio dialog opened, error message is given
- Fixed: fog is still not heavy enough (players see AI too soon)
- Fixed: when mission time is up, HQ does not call sat phone to facilitate mission complete
- Fixed: radiotower can be destroyed, but sandbags stay floating after
- Fixed: rescue pilot task cannot be completed: pilot does not enter AIS incapacitaed state
- Fixed: Player can complete the mission even if base is overun with enemies
- Fixed: first aid time takes too long
- Fixed: mission doesnt end if all players are bleeding out
- Fixed: AIS revive does not hint when a medic bulding must be used to revive fully
- Fixed: AI vehicles have trouble pathfinding around the base
- Fixed: objects around mortar injure players
- Fixed: enemy heli sits away from base and will not attack
- Fixed: static weapons have thermal enabled
- Fixed: static weapons' backpacks dissapear on roofs when dissasembled in a bunker
- Fixed: nametags shows 'error no unit' when incapacitated using AIS revive
- Fixed: Vcom AI compatibility
- Changed: Player loadouts
- Changed: more troops in reinforcement trucks
- Changed: Disabled Tour respawn control scripts in this version

- Fixed: repeated error in RPT: fn_hasRadio.sqf ...thanks Vcom ;)

Known Bugs/TODO

- CAS chopper if far less effective than A2 version
- CAS heli crew do not get setCaptive correctly sometimes
- some radio sound clips in the mission files were not coded into the original desert storm!
- satellite radio dialog uses placeholder resources
- BIS_fnc_endMissionServer: does not display correct ending
- the vehicle wrecks around the base are static and not randomly generated as per the original
- saboteur code in enemy_spawn.sqf needs streamlining into functions & optimizing
- there are no leaflets blowing in the wind as in original
- asst MG has binocs in backpack after respawn (not always reproduceable)
- satellite dish should be on top of command bunker
- dust storm pops out of view as particles dissapears
- script error - enemySpawn.sqf line 482. undefined variable in _damagedBag to do with sandbags (not always reproduceable)
- intro briefing by officer - sound does not fade as player moves away
- mortar strike on players?
- mission frame rate drops as mission progresses (likely due to enemies spawning in)
- CAS radio dialog button: active click zone and text misaligned
Last edited by Kain_Lowsta on Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:18 pm, edited 4 times in total.
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Re: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by Dale »

Awesome news dude!

Re: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by Kain_Lowsta »

Too right mate! Couldn't let this little gem get buried... Need to get v0.99 tested. All the core mechanics are in there now, and all known game breaking bugs should be fixed, fingers crossed. Difficulty balance needs confirming, and i'm interested how the framerate holds up after 30 mins+ of mission time.
Dave the Rave
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Re: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by Dave the Rave »

can't wait to play this one :angry-screaming:
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Re: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by BabylonCome »

Cool - who has the file?
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Re: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by Dale »

BabylonCome wrote: Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:10 pm
The following is still missing from "init.sqf" (as per https://www.rustyinplaces.org/arma/325- ... ion-making )

Code: Select all

diag_log text "";
diag_log text "==========================================================================";
diag_log text format["|=============================   %1   =============================|", missionName];
diag_log text "==========================================================================";
diag_log text "";
Please insert and resubmit..

Need to add this if not already buddy.
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Re: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by BabylonCome »

Uploaded to test server, will report test results soon..
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Re: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by BabylonCome »

Perform test tonight with only single player (me), got the following repeated error in RPT:

Code: Select all

2019/04/18, 20:53:48   Error position: <_rtrn>
2019/04/18, 20:53:48   Error Undefined variable in expression: _rtrn
2019/04/18, 20:53:48 File \vcomai\Vcom\Functions\VCM_Functions\scanning\fn_HasRadio.sqf [VCM_fnc_HasRadio], line 19
2019/04/18, 20:53:48 Error in expression <"ItemRadio" in (assignedItems _this));
It repeats 3 times every 5 mins until mission end. Can provide RPT if required.

Please investigate and report back - until then, mission remains off public server.

Re: 20 [Tour] Desert Storm 2035

Post by Kain_Lowsta »

Thanks for hunting that bug Babs. Updated to Version 0.991, the RPT error is fixed.

The script the error is pointing to is one of the Vcom scripts, and a new one at that. There's been an update to Vcom in the time since we did the first disableVcom test, and one of the scripts they added was fn_hasRadio.sqf. They re-structured the entire function library in this update, so plenty of room for errors to creep in.

The script in question contains one line.. then simply returns the contents. It's pretty basic shizzle. I Narrowed down the problem to one specific AI agent: a friendly AI pilot, who is placed 1.7km away from all other units on his side. When I disable Vcom on him, viola, problem goes away.

I think there is possibly some bug in this new hotfix for Vcom (v3.3.1). I had a play around with fn_hasRadio.sqf, and was able to make the error go away by simplifying their code (someone was trying to be too clever imo), but I didnt't have time to test if I'd actually fixed the problem, or just hidden it. It's not my job to sort their stuff out, so I left it there and decided to find a workaround for now.

There is nothing special, settings-wise about the pilot unit. If I re-enable Vcom on him, then in the editor move him inside the base with the players and re-try... the error goes away?!

Since the function the error it is referring to, is searching for assignedItems of each unit (eg GPS, binocs, or radio, in this case), I messed around with what the pilot was assigned etc, and also made sure to remove any commands from his init etc so see if there was any other reason only he was affected.

All I can conclude: The only thing which made him special, was that he was so far from all the players and other friendly agents at the start of the mission. The hasRadio function is called when units are asking for reinforcements, or being called upon to reinforce. The funny thing, this error gets called waaay before there are even ANY enemies on the map... so who needs reinforcements? XD

hmm.... wait maybe thats a thing... This mission does not have a single enemy unit placed in the editor. Remember, This is a port of a mission which is 8 years old, and was not designed with Vcom in mind. Every enemy is called by script after the mission starts. I can't imagine they've tested it this way? Anyway, I'm speculating now, and tired.... It's fixed, Thanks Vcom.
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