[RIP]'s first 50 vs 50 internal scrim

by DogBite
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28th of September 2020. A RIP's first. A Squad's first. The Rust In Places Squad Company organized a 50v50 internal with an amazing turn out of 98 members!

This event was organized to celebrate the launch of Squad's V1 release where 50v50 matches became a reality. In addition, the long-anticipated Fallujah map came out which of course was thoroughly tested during the internal.

Multiple streamers were present to broadcast the event live. In addition, a large number of members recorded the event. RIP will release a video of the event showcasing what RIP is all about: having fun.

Squad Command group would like to thank everyone who participated in making this legendary event come true. Special thanks go out to the Iron Guards for their support and camaraderie and RIP's media department for their support during the video registration during the event.