Reporting Players/Admins

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Reporting Players/Admins

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If you wish to make a complaint against another player for breaking the rules/abuse or report one of our admins for abusing their admin rights on our server(s) please use the following format:

Code: Select all

Date and Time (UTC):
Player Name:
SteamID64 (If possible):
Offence (Please add as much detail as necessary):
Proof (screenshot, recording etc.):

In the case of Admin abuse, the admin that the complaint is against will not be part of the investigation and it will be handled by those further up the chain of command.

Once a verdict has been reached and given, if you are still unhappy with the outcome then you can report problems/Admin abuse with a specific server, by emailing with the following details:
- Name of the server
- Any evidence such as video, pictures etc
- Date and time of incident
Or alternatively/and you can fill out the following form

Before sending an email to OWI for admin abuse, it's in everyone's best interest to report here.
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